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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  March 17, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning everyone on this thursday, march 17th. st. patrick's day. as we get a live look over the washington monument in morning and it should be a good day for st. patrick's day as well. good morning, i'm sarah simmons, welcome to fox 5 morning news. a check of the weather now with tucker barnes, should be a good day to be outside and have a pint. >> it's always a good day for that sarah. the satellite and radar, indeed it is going to be a nice day particularly for st. patrick's day this year. we're going to have very mild air. sunny and beautiful this afternoon and good party weather if you're going to be out and about as we're expecting temperatures in the mid 60s, the satellite and
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radar, just a couple of clouds passing through, but generally clear skies to start out during the day and winds will be out of the south and west today and that's going to let some warmer air in here. in the 50s yesterday generally and today we'll be in the mid 60s. on our way to 70s tomorrow. hey, 46 right now at reagan national. the temperatures not too bad, about 8 to 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. 42 in baltimore and 53? ocean city. the forecast is a good one, sunshine, mild afternoon. 65 degrees. oh yes, by the end of the day the sun will be turning green. more details on the forecast including a good looking tomorrow in a minute sarah. now to the latest on the unfolding disaster in japan. military helicopters are dropping water on the crippled nuclear reactors trying to cool rods and replenish water in cooling pools and also reconnect power lines. meanwhile, the state department
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is going to evacuate u.s. citizens out of japan. the u.s. is telling all americans within 50 miles of that plant to move. now to a developing story this morning. an explosion outside of a home in potomac. this happened in the 9200 block of inglewood drive. shortly after 9:00 p.m., a hazardous material unit was called to the scene because an unusual odor that was reported. the incident is under investigation still. some other top stories, a major shakeup in the gray administration. major gray asked for and received the resignation of the chief of staff, gerri hall. she is widely blamed for the administration's missteps during the first two months in office that includes the hiring of political appointees children and giving higher than
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legal salaries to them. secretary of state hillary clinton is leaving her post in 2012 even if president obama wins a second term. she told reporters in cairo she is also not interested in being president, vice president, or defense secretary. now back to the disaster in japan. many americans you know, buy japanese products, but will they be able to get them in the coming months and how will the disasters affect sony and toyota, japanese companies? we have more. >> reporter: it all comes down to this. silicon chips and semiconductors that the brains of anything electronics. computers and cell phones and cameras for sure, even medical equipment. >> there's silicone manufactured here in the u.s. and other places in asia and europe, but japan is a large source of the chips. >> reporter: japanese companies like sony have sustained damage to their factories and that could mean a shortage of
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semiconductors, rechargeable batteries and other components. >> for example, flash memory won't be easily as available maybe for the next few quarters which puts pressure on prices for them. >> reporter: jason oxen with the consumer electronics association says the companies are looking at their supply chains and making backup plans. >> it is a global industry and supply chain and manufacturers have the opportunity to seek out and secure components for their products from other manufacturers and other countries. >> reporter: automacanese japan have shut down -- automakers in japan and shut down production for the rest of the week. getting parts for other vehicles is also an issue. >> so it's not likely if you were expecting delivery this week or next that you will be impacted. it's the people that are four, six and eight weeks out that you're going to see a delay in that delivery. >> reporter: how long the power drain goes on will determine the long-term impact.
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melanie ulnwick, fox 5 morning news. the caps fell to the detroit red wings last night 3- 2. carlson and ovechkin scored for the caps. the game was tied midway through the third period, but the red wings got the game winner on a power play. all right, we have plenty coming up, your weather and traffic as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. it is 4:30 on this thursday, st. patrick's day. a live look over washington, d.c. morning, a chilly start to the day as you can imagine, but definitely going to warm up and look pretty nice out there. good morning, i'm sarah simmons, welcome to fox 5 morning news. a check in with tucker barnes of the weather and you know, i'm a little disappointed. you didn't have the st. patrick's day apparel on. >> i have to mick it up a lit -- mix it up a little bit. >> well, easter is around the corner and so many
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possibilities with that. >> i have to find the jack wet that. all right, to the forecast, just because i didn't wear the jacket doesn't mean you shouldn't be celebrating st. patrick's day as the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous later this afternoon. in fact, you know, it might be the best day of the week even though tomorrow is going to be very nice. i think tomorrow is going to be hot. >> really? >> no, not hot, but very, very warm. i'm pretty sure it's going to happen, but i'm not sure how it's going to feel. there's the satellite and radar, just a few clouds moving through and a nice looking day. to the west into ohio and kentucky, clear skies and so we're having bright sunshine today, the much brighter than yesterday. just going to be a very nice afternoon if you're going to be out and about celebrating st. patrick's day this year. right now, 46 at reagan national and the winds are light out of the north and west at 7:00 and generally temperatures 8 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and by
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this afternoon, highs in the mid 60s, maybe 64 degrees. looks like a good one this year. >> yeah. it's going to be great. >> little leprechaun, there go. more details on the forecast and again, tomorrow looks absolutely fantastic. the details coming up in a minute. >> i can't believe you said it's hot. >> compared to where we've been. we are monitoring metro this morning with a commuter alert for you. if you are planning to ride metro today, it is likely to be standing room only due to the ncaa tournament at the verizon center today. metro is preparing for those big crowds. the agency is adding extra trains and staying open until 1:00 a.m. to accommodate everyone. extra trains will be in place after saturday's games also. how metro is looking out there or actually your metro commute. julie wright is here with the latest for us. how are the roads looking for us? >> not so bad. early this year, we've got the lanes open sarah and a nice easy commute right now and you're absolutely right. you know with everything that's
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happening, the st. patrick's day festivities, the ncaa tournament, metro will be jammed today so again planning your trip downtown, that's the best way to go and probably safest for some of those who like the -- party. on the roads, you're going to find lanes are open on 66 coming inbounds towards the capitol beltway and beyond for roadwork on 7100 and an incident in the same location. already been pulled to the median. lanes are open between the springfield interchange and the bridge. at colesville road, no incidents to report. southbound 270 still? good shape. out of germanton and falls road, blocking the right lanes. that's a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. now to a developing story. an explosion outside of a home in montgomery county. this happened in the 9200 block of inglewood drive in potomac. sherri ly is live for us this
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morning. what can you tell us out there? >> reporter: sarah, the bomb squad just pulled out of here, police have been keeping us back from the house where the explosion happened in potomac while they secured the area and completed their investigation. here's what we're told happened. just around 9:15 last night, several people called 911 reporting the sound of an explosion in this area. montgomery county fire arrived on the scene. firefighters then smelled an unusual odor and called in the hazardous materials team. after searching around the home, they discovered that a window had been damaged and they found some type of explosive device we're being told that apparently detonated. they did call in the bomb squad and montgomery county police investigators say that the window was damaged as well as a room inside the home. so this was clearly a very powerful device. although investigators are not telling us exactly what kind of explosive device this was.
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at this point, investigators have now left the scene. we have not been told what the motive may have been in this explosion. or whether they have any type of suspects, but there is damage to the home. this is an area with multimillion dollar homes here in potomac. so this is obviously been something that has -- that's stunning for the neighborhood. we'll have more for you as we learn the facts later on this morning. that's the latest here in potomac, back to you. >> thank you. back to the disaster now in japan where it is a race against time to stop a catastrophe at the quake damaged nuclear plants. the united states is announcing plans to evacuate americans out of japan. meanwhile, the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says all the water is gone from one of the pools holding spent fuel rods. the japanese officials disagree. here's fox 5's laura evans with the efforts avoiding a meltdown. >> reporter: the problems with
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the fukushima nuclear plant change by the hour. a new fire on wednesday in one reactor, radioactive steam bursting from another. workers were pulled back temporarily while even more residents fled the area. [ speaking foreign language ] >> if the fuel rods are exposed. it could seep out. >> reporter: also making the people of tokyo, more than 150 miles away, very nervous. rush hour in tokyo usually snarled with traffic looked more like a sunday. the government warning people to stay inside. [ speaking foreign language ] >> this woman says i'm worried about my health, my life and the radioactivity. that's why i'm wearing this mask. >> reporter: back to the north, hundreds of thousands are crammed into shelters amid aftershocks, freezing cold and food rationing. >> i don't have gas, i don't have kerosene for heat. i don't have anything at all at my home. to survivor, all i can do is wait.
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>> reporter: no privacy, limited showers and toilets and the numbing stress of uncertainty. roads where cars once drove are now cracked and buckled and with the country's nuclear power plants in pearl, electricity is in short supply too making it harder to deliver the very basics to those in need. >> my father is missing. >> reporter: rescue crews searched while witnessing intense grief. >> obviously as you can see, very, very difficult conditions. the chances of survival are small. >> that was laura evans reporting. the besides the earthquakes and aftershocks reporting, there were other earthquakes reported yesterday. one was in chile and another in the south pacific. a 6.5 earthquake struck off an island, but there were no tsunami threats from either. a major shakeup in the gray
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administration. major vincent gray asked for and received the resignation of his chief of staff, gerri hall. she's widely blamed for missteps in the administration. hall's replacement for now is paul quander. in montgomery county police officer now has found himself on the other side of the law or herself. 37-year-old dealreadiest culmer is -- delores culmer is facing charges of conspiracy. culmer is accused of running computer checks on people who did business with her fiancee, also a convicted drug dealer. she has been with the department since 2003. she faces 30 years in prison. all right, we have a lot ahead coming up on fuse news, up next though -- fox 5 morning news, up next though a protest in downtown d. c.. [ people chanting ]
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we'll explain what this demonstration has to do with the budget and labor battle in wisconsin. and secretary of state hillary clinton makes an announcement about her future. what she is planning to do in 2012. the time now is 4:38. we'll be right back.
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this morning, the search is on for these two missing girls from montgomery county. investigators say 15-year-old caitlin crovasser and malegwa were last seen later that night in the white oak area of silver spring, but never game home. call police if you have any information. [ people chanting ] now to a protest in d. c. pushing for union rights. hundreds of union workers and activist groups stormed the
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downtown fundraiser for wisconsin politicians and swarmed the streets outside. then they marched to the white house closely followed by npd and are afraid the moves in wisconsin to limit the collective bargaining rights of state workers will spread to other states. secretary of state hillary clinton is leaving her post in 2012 even if president obama wins a second term. that's what she told reporters in cairo and also not interested she says in being president, vice president or defense secretary. current secretary of defense robert gates plans to leave his position in the next term. secretary clinton says she'll do her best in her position for the next two years and then move on. all right, we have a lot more coming up on fox 5. up next, getting through security at airports, it can sometimes really be a hassle. we know that. but now there's a push to make the process a little faster, but at what cost? plus, you may have noticed going grocery shopping is costing you a lot more these days. so why the recent prices
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spiking? kind of curious and when's this going to end? kind of curious. forecast is easy one. sunshine and mild temperatures, all the details for you and julie wright has a look at the on time traffic. i think we'll see her today coming up after the break.  [ alarm blares ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready.
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4:45 on this thursday. as we take a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. it may not be ireland urn fortunately, but at least -- unfortunately, but at least we don't have the irish weather. should be a nice one out there. a look at the weather again with tucker barnes. going to be beautiful here this afternoon and typically this time of year, we're talking 40s and 50s and clouds and this year, mid 60s and sunshine. we're getting the better part of the forecast certainly around here for the holiday the year. >> this could be a dangerous combination when you have a lot of people that want to be out having a couple of pints and it's nice weather? >> yeah, i met a couple of people yesterday who i ran into and they were celebrating a day early. i guess it doesn't matter. >> wherever it's nice. >> let's get it started with a look at the forecast and the luck of the irish and you can see that the leprechaun is very happy because the forecast is almost perfect. >> he always looks happy. >> he's got the same expression.
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yeah, i think he's gotten into the beer a little early. st. patrick's day, very nice, sunny and mild. mid 60s your afternoon forecast. yesterday wasn't bad. in the upper 50s but today even better with more sunshine and some warmer temperatures. all right, not so bad out there right now. in fact, generally mild for the morning hours. 46 at reagan night and 43 in gaithersburg. some 30s in the north and west. martinsburg 39 degrees and winchester, 39 too. culpeper 37 and it is cooler here well to the north and west and still, temperatures at or above freezing. and nice and warm off to the east. annapolis is 48 and in leonardtown, we're 45 degrees. all right, satellite and radar, not a lot to talk about. plenty of clear skies out there, you can see the moon is going to be full in another day or so, getting big and don't worry about that. that's a little ground clutter. to the west, clear skies and this will be moving in during the course of the day. they say we will be nice and clear today with temperatures in the mid 60s, beautiful tomorrow and still expecting temperatures well into the 70s
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tomorrow. the only change in the forecast, we're going to get a cold front friday night and saturday that's going to get in here and that looks like a few rain showers and some cooler weather for the day on saturday. but otherwise the next few days, absolutely perfect. lots of sunshine and beautiful afternoon. 65 degrees. wind will be nice and light out of the west at about 5 miles per hour. then a couple of clouds out there, not as cool overnight. temperatures in the upper 40s near 50 here in the city and low to mid- 40s outside the beltway. here's the five day forecast and again, still awesome tomorrow. 75. a few clouds move in late in the day on friday. and early saturday, we could have a few showers around and cooler too. highs in the mid- to upper 40s. sunday looks fine and maybe some more rain showers by monday. a little unsettled here into the weekend, but all in all, much of the weekend should be dry. okay, now some on time traffic and julie wright in the house. in the house -- you got it. no problems to report right now. i think the luck of the irish is on your side with the early drive. southbound along 270. traveling south on german town
4:49 am
headed past nba out to the lane divide and out of college park around 270. inbound 66. fair oaks to 123, all of the lanes here are open. no problems reported inbound. headed for the douglas bridge. that's a check on the fox 5 on time traffic. the silver ride program is in effect today. that means drivers can get free cab rides from 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 tomorrow morning and you can call 18 # 08001294. we have posted the information on meanwhile a lot of people describe getting through airport security as a complete nightmare. well, now after a year long study, one group based right here in d. c. is calling on congress to make some changes. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, whether you participate could be up to you. >> reporter: hands up and some passengers say hassle and humiliation are up too.
4:50 am
>> i don't feel any safer or any more in danger than i ever did before. i feel more violated and more -- more of my time taken up from all this different check points. >> reporter: but it's the price you pay. to get on an airplane. >> it seems like every time there's a new threat, then they throw another layer on top of it and it makes it very difficult to just get through. you know, your goal is to get to your destination. >> reporter: jeff freeman of the u.s. travel association said we have to get better at weeding out the small fraction of passengers willing to make trouble. >> if you want to find a needle in a hay stack, make the hay stack smaller. >> reporter: there's a blue ribbon panel that includes former director tom ridge. >> this is the first attempt to do so and our attempt is that it stirs a real debate on capitol hill. >> reporter: among the ideas, the trusted traveler plan, let people volunteer information to prove they're not a risk and
4:51 am
give them speedy security in return. with a trusted traveler program, a lot of the personal information appears in one place. for example, your social security number, your mother's maiden name. a fingerprint. even a scan of your retina and security experts say it's an invitation for that information to disappear into the wrong hands. >> it's absolutely terrifying because these sorts of profiles are genuinely an identity theft tool kit. >> reporter: some tell us the risk is worth it. >> i dtrust the tsa. i mean, that's all we've got. >> reporter: freeman says faster security could also speed up the economy by putting more travelers in the air. >> they don't just get on a plane. they stay? a hotel and go to the local dry cleaner and go to the local drugstore to pick up things they forgot at home. consumer spending is critical and that begins with air travel. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> ultimately congress has to
4:52 am
decide on any changes to the security system. in a consumer alert this morning, have you noticed the spike in prices at the grocery store? the cost of food shot up last month to the highest it has been in nearly 37 years. fox's james rosen explains why. >> reporter: new figures from the labor department show food prices shot up by 3.9% last month. the largest monthly spike since gerald ford was president. prime factors included surges in the cost of vegetables, almost 50% and meat and dairy products. driving up food costs were surges in energy prices specifically gas prices which rose by almost 4%. >> when it comes to food market increases, they have across the board impacts. there are over a billion people who are living below the extreme poverty line and shocks in food prices are an important factor. >> reporter: in a report last month, the world bank noted sharp increases in global
4:53 am
prices for wheat, maize and sugar with an accompanying rise in the price of rice. indeed, over the last quarter of 2010, the price index surged 15% near hi hating its -- nearly hitting its peak. economists say today's conditions are not as bad as three and four years ago. >> in the case of wheat, we haven't stocked up over 177 million metric tons and need more than in 2007 and 2008. >> reporter: although japan's chief agricultural export is rice and the chain of disasters there could affect that commodity's supply, economists expect tokyo's troubles to result in lower oil prices at least temporarily as citizens in the world's third largest economy consume less gasoline and less trek trek --
4:54 am
electricity. >> we'll just see a sort of softening of demand. >> reporter: economists contacted by fox news urge president obama not to overreact to the rise in food prices by imposing export bans on u.s. agricultural products. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> thank you james. coming up next, march madness kicks into high gear today with a full slate of games. go out there with some action last night. we're going find out who will face the georgetown hoyas. plus, the red hot washington caps cooled off in the motor city. we're going to have sports highlights coming up in just a bit. it's now five minutes before the hour. of a strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls.
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all right, time for sports and the playing games are over. time to get down to business, ncaa tournament men's is down to 64 teams officially. good game last night, vcu against usc.
4:57 am
boo. i'm sorry. this one would be tied at the break. but the trojans go on top in the second half. but then the rams rally. virginia commonwealth faces georgetown in the second round with the 59-46 win. all right, to texas we go, texas and san antonio, they beat alabama state behind johnson's third career-high 29 points. he had a big game. road runners led all the way. their victory gets them a round with ohio state in the second round and good luck with that. the buckeyes are the overall top seed. all right, on to george mason we go. setting up for tomorrow's game against villanova. the team loaded up the gear, there you go, you can see them getting on the bus and the short flight to cleveland. patriots kickoff tomorrow at 2:10. villanova is the ninth seed. all right, good game last night in detroit, to the caps we go. to the ice and looking to make it 10 wins in a row.
4:58 am
they'd have to do it on the road. and not an easy way to do it. first period, cams down 1-0. nice pass to john carlson, we see it. oh, there it is. led to the tying goal. later in the second period, caps again down 2-1. this time the rallying goal is out. that's gorgeous by the great 8. alex ovechkin. but unfortunately the red wings -- the red wings get the game winner. mid-way through the final period, it was a good game though. the caps lose in detroit, 3-2. but still they're hot. all right, sarah, that's a look at sports, back to you and remember the official games start in about seven hours. >> oh, not very long. okay. thanks tucker. all right, a simple pill can make you smarter and ripper, would you take it? would your answer still be yes even if it mean that everything in your life would change forever and not for the better? that's the premise of the new movie this weekend. "limitless" stars bradley
4:59 am
cooper and robert deniro and cooper sat down with our own kevin mccarthy. >> it's a weird feeling -- when you get all this attention all of a sudden. i mean, i'm so used to it now after all these years, and sometimes it still bothers me after all this time. people and me for an autograph and i don't feel uncomfortable about that because i don't want to do it now because another time i will gladly. with a i would you always will -- kid you always will of course. >> you can see the full interview with kevin and the stars, bradley cooper robert deniro tomorrow morning here on fox 5 morning news and kevin will also join us live tomorrow for his weekly movie reviews. all right, plenty coming up. the weather and traffic and all of the top stories as fox 5 morning news continues right now. all righ w


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